Mar 25, 2010

I have a confession to make...

So, the past few weeks have been tragic. Seriously, how could I NOT POST for so damn long? I have a reason for this. One that most of my readers should understand. I needed something to pass the time while waiting to hear back on previous novel (YA mystery) and got swept up in my new WIP, into her world, and her love life, and her cons, and her backstabbing. 

Whoa, you're thinking. That sounds like a lot of story going on.

Only, it's not. I've been planning this novel out in detail. Using her life as a grifter to be her strength, not some supernatural ability. And, did I mention this is an adult novel? Definitely a direction I hadn't planned to go, but, well, I felt like I could only tell this story through an adult's point of view.

And I really had to tell this story.

So, that's what I've been up to lately. And, since I love my readers oh so much, I decided to share a little snippet of the WIP. Hopefully, others will fall in love with it too when I'm finished. I tried to pick a snippet showcasing the con artist aspect of the book without giving any of the plot away.

There’s a difference between a teacher and a con artist. 

Teachers, like Basel, always appear to be standing tall or stretching upward, even when sitting. Their heads are elevated. There’s even a certain noticeable superiority about them. They believe themselves to be spectacular, known for their intelligence and creative imagination. As a teacher, Basel stands out at any gather. There’s often a small crowd around him, paying attention to what he says. He attracts followers easily. The species who are naive enough to be persuaded into just about anything, yet smart enough to be a true asset.

Then there’s the con artists. Those who have climbed the ladder long enough to gain their own followers but never deceptive enough to plan a coup. Most of these con artists are cold or aloof, acting as if they are better than their superiors but never do a damn thing about it. Some, however, are capable of becoming the next teacher. More importantly, they are capable of betrayal.

I happen to be one of them.


SB said...

I like your character's voice. very creepy/smart!

not too serious i hope

Karen said...

hmmmm....sounds very intriguing :-)

Ash. Elizabeth said...

thanks SB and Karen...Now, if only I could start sending out my last novel. I'm being a wanker.