Dec 17, 2009

Teaser Thursday: Yes, yes he's British!


On of my MC's is British and I think I'm in love with him even more after reading about Hunter in the Sweep Series. Made me appreciate my character, Aiden. In light of this appreciation post, I've decided to post an excerpt about him. Enjoy (which, if sexy foreigners are your thing, then I know you will)! Hehe.

I feigned a smile to Chad and headed to the table across the cafeteria where Val had saved me a spot. Val and I chatted about Aiden Cooper--Chad’s incredibly handsome best-friend and our football team’s star receiver. Cooper was every girl’s dream of sexy British foreigner. His family had moved here from London a few years back. The red hair had been the reason for Val’s obsession, I think.

Unlike Aiden and me, most weren’t blessed with striking red hued hair. Though mine fell into the auburn category and his resembled my least favorite veggie--light, undercooked carrots. Don’t even get me started on his freckles. Seriously, you could play connect the dots with those suckers. Yet, despite my comments, there was no denying his uber-sexiness. He had the kind of mysterious grin that made most girls fan themselves.

Right now, he was sending his charm Val’s way.

“Maybe they’ll revoke his green-card sometime in the near future and he’ll need to marry someone so he can stay in the country,” Val mused.

“That someone would be you, right?”

Val flipped her sleek white-blond hair over her shoulder. “Of course. I’m up on the British slang. I googled it. Knickers. Airlocked. Face like a slapped arse. Yep, I know ‘em all.”

“Good for you. I’m sure Aiden won’t find the fact that you’re American and using British slang odd at all.”


Voidwalker said...

Interesting! Although I must admit, I don't have a thing for foreign Brittish Men. lol

Ash. Elizabeth said...

that's a shame lol jk

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

You write beautifully. Every happiness in the new year.

Cleverly Inked said...

Congrats on the 100 Followers

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