Nov 2, 2009

I told you: NO SWIMMING

How'd they know my first instinct would be to dive head first into dirt? Damn it. I brought my bathing suit and everything! It's alright though. I can find somewhere else.
What the hell? Okay, now I'm really getting aggravated. Why won't these people let me go for a swim? It's Florida, the beach capital or something like that.
Whatever. I give up. How bout I have a nice taco that's been sitting out far too long. Oh, and I hear they're looking for someone with a degree in English. Yeah, they need a Sign Editor or something. . .

*note: this is a case of extreme boredom and should not be taken seriously*


Fey (fellow AWer) said...

lmao. how many mispelled signs have i come across? far too many. (i misspelled misspelled. get it?) lol

Julie said...

I laughed so hard at the last one. Last December on a family trip to Orlando, my husband and I were in line to ride the Hulk at Islands of Adventure and they hard the coolest little non-verbal, picture telling you to remove your prosthetic limbs before riding.

He took a picture of the sign with his phone and i wish we still had.

*no offense to people with artificial limbs it was the picture that was so funny. A stick figure drawing of someone taking off their arm. I had to look twoce to figure out it meant.