Sep 17, 2009

First Post!

Hi everyone! I seem to be interviewing again! My names Ashlee (my last name and where I live will never be mentioned, sorry to say). I'm an unpublished writer who craves midnight helpings of YA novels, whether it be fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, or whatever else peeks my interest. Bring it on! I'm also an editor for my college newspaper and pursuing a degree in Criminology. 

Hmm...I guess it's time for a list. (Yes, there will be a lot of these. In addition, I will be posting interviews with new authors such as the wonderful Aprilynne Pike, writing tips, publishing & movie rights news, and even some rants about things that just tick me off.)

Onward with the list!

Top 5 Cookies of all time:
Oatmeal Raisin (you will see me mention these a lot)
Chocolate Chip
Oreos (they totally count)
And, of course,  juicy fruit. Kidding. Wanted to see if you were listening!
Okay, last, but not least, fortune cookies. Who doesn't love reading those little, random one-liners?

Don't Forget to Check Back for my interview with the talented Aprilynne Pike!


Anonymous said...

OMG...his new book was awsome his research and creativity was great. Can't wait for the next book. Realy like your new blog plan on following, good luck with your querying,Ash!!! ~robyn~

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