Sep 24, 2009

Query Wars

Hmmm. . .So, it seems I got another nibble today for a partial. Yes, I'm excited, but the waiting process is sooo long! 

For those interested in my stats:

Total Queries: 31
    Q. Rejections: 13
    Q. to Partial Requests: 6
          In consideration: 4
          Rejection: 1
          Turned to Full: 1
     Q. I'm still waiting on: 12

So, today I decided to pick up a L.J. Smith's reprinted Dark Visions trilogy. It's the only series of hers I've never read so I figured I'd hop to it. What else? Ahhh, I strongly agree with Simner's advice on Awesome site. Also, if you haven't already, I suggest checking out There's some great people there that will help you through editing queries, rejections, manuscript editing, and all other good stuff. So, check it out!

Tomorrow I'll finally be posting the interview with the lovely Aprilynne! So, be sure to check back!

Now, excuse me while I go read and eat cookies.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll pick up this book 2. . .I'm not a big fan of third-person point of view though. . .