Sep 27, 2009

Warning: Churchy Post

Okayy, I know I'm cutting it close I the deadline. This is more of a thoughtful monday post. ha. (this is where you laugh at my extremely corny joke) Anyway, today was pretty interesting. Church was pretty good. . .even though I had to leave early. My pastor should be a comedian. Seriously, you'd love him too. He has OCD and constantly says, "ain't that good," while shaking his legs like Elvis.

Here's the deal:

Walking in, I received a brochure and inside of it was a piece of paper with a check list and fill in the blanks. (No, I didn't get my days confused! I promise I was at church not school!) On the paper, was some caine and abel verses--pretty normal. Underneath, there were a few simple questions.

1. Am I showing that I care about others?
2. Am I happy?
3. Am I patient?
4. Am I nice?
5. Am I living by my commitments?
6. Am I control over temptation?

Not going to lie, there were a few no's to those questions. Figured I'd post them and see what your answers would be. If there are no's then I think you have to reconsider a few things like I am at the moment.

BTW--Don't post your answers on here if they are personal and you don't want others to read. I shouldn't HAVE to say that, but, well, figured it's better to be safe than sorry.

Okay, I'm finishing up my L.J. Smith book. Yeah, haven't really gotten the chance to finish it yet, but it's DEFINITELY good. Highly recommend it.