Sep 20, 2009

Warning: Churchy Post

So, today I went to church and afterwards I was in a discussion on what to do if you found money. Now, my first thought would naturally be to take it--if it's one of those no I.D., no photo, no address instances--and say see yah, but the more I thought about it, people really shouldn't take what isn't theirs if their is some POSSIBLE way to finding who it belongs to. 

Okay, there are exceptions to the rule like if you walk in on a drug deal gone bad. Sure, I'd take it--granted there wouldn't be a repeat of No Country For Old Men.  Yeah, running for my life is not something I plan on doing. I make my characters do things like that. But anyway, if there's a chance to give something back...Why not do it? Okay, okay, okay. I'm not saying if you find random money lying on the road somewhere you hold it up and ask the crowd whose it is. C'mon now. People would be on you like your the next Masiah (no pun intended). I'm just saying if you can give something back you should because you never know what that money could be for.

On the lighter note, a family member was discussing how someone had left their money belt in the casino bathroom stall. Looking over the fact of WHY it was taken off is something my family doesn't do. My grandfather, the jokester he is, decided to say "Well, I guess that guy could say, "Oh shit, I guess I'm out of luck." I'm hoping someone reading this understood that joke. If not. . .read again.

You're probably saying what the heck does any of this have to do with writing. Well, it didn't. Now, I guess is sort of does. I guess there's a point in every writer's life where they should ask themselves what they are writing for. If the answer is for money. Step away from the keyboard, or typewriter, or pen if your amish.

Me? I write because I love it. Those moments where your writing pulls you out of the real world, well, it's hard to stop. I think good writer's HAVE to write like it's a drug. I've written since I was a wee little one with fragment sentences, misspellings, and doodles.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Luckily, I don't do it for the money. . .Or I haven't yet because I haven't even been published.