Oct 30, 2009

Angsty anyone?

As a rebellious teenager, I experienced my share of angst. We all do a lot of stupid, sometimes dangerous things when we're young. And, oh yes, I'm still young. So, after watching Vampire Diaries last night (yes, yes i gave in to the madness), I thought I'd do a post on angst and novels.

The ULTIMATE ANGSTY COUPLE has to be from my favorite show Greek. So, naturally, I will use them as an example and can only hope you'll somewhat follow along. The season finale is next week and a mourning period is in order. 

I'm TEAM CAPPIE all the wayyy. No, no Evan Chambers doesn't do it for me. Not at all. Cappie has my heart. . .Maybe it's because he shares some of my boyfriend's traits. Who knows.  Talk about angst though. I've been watching this show forever and waiting for the two of them to finally be together. Sure enough, it happens this week, and I'm in soo much tooth pain to really enjoy it. Luckily, I record it so I will watch the episode again. . .And every other one for that matter.

Okay, back to angst and books.

In my novels, I try to incorporate a lot of realism in my books. My teens are flawed--and even a bit badass. They have real problems and make serious mistakes (like, say, imagining having sex with her teacher). I don't know know any other way to build characters without having them come out like some mary sue. 

For me, angst is good. . .and a little dark. Think: dark chocolate. It's sweet on your tongue, then there's a brief bitter moment where you're thinking about milk chocolate and wondering if it's betrayed you. . .And, then the richy goodness seeps into your taste buds and you find yourself savoring every minute of it. In books, I go back to the best dialogue parts between the two who are getting hot and heavy. (not too hot thought because it is YA) On tv, well, I hit rewind. 

There has to be good build-up or else the final moment when they finally get together is rather. . .bland. Bland, bland, bland.  I'm all for edgy angst. The kind that breaks rules and has you cringing for the MC because you know what she's doing is so WRONG, yet you can't look away.

Hmmm. . .I guess that's why mine has an oh so wrong student teacher affair, huh? 

The thing about angst is. . .you never get your relief right away. No, it builds and builds and has you savoring those little moments here and there where you get some sort of dialogue/ action that makes you smile and hold out for another hundred or so pages. Your tension is like an elastic band, building and building until it eventually snaps. Only, hold out on the snapping for as long as possible before you have your readers screaming, "C'mon already!"

So, what do you think about teenage angst? Can you still relate to the angsty novels being written these days? Are your characters angsty wangsty? Do you have your favorite angsty couple? (yes, tv show can count!)


Fey said...

No way! Evan Chambers is the ultimate tortured man. He gave up his trust fund!

natalierenae said...

I really liked your dark chocolate comparison! I haven't watched Greek but it's on my list. I definitely have a thing for tortured men! And I have to admit, I love angst, as long as it's well-done!

My favorite angsty TV couple would have to be Buffy and Angel. Does it really get any worse than that?

Hmm...books...I loved Jace/Clary and even Simon/Clary from the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I also like Rose/Dimitri and Lissa/Christian from the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.

Natalie @ Mindful Musings

Ash. Elizabeth said...

I love Buffy! That's where my vampire love all began. VA is my favorite series by far, and Mortal Instruments is in my TBR pile.