Oct 20, 2009

THAT guy

Okay, so today I did something bold. Very, very bold. Like how I put it in bold? Anyway,  I hung out with THAT guy.

"What guy?" you ask.

Let me explain who THAT guy is before I talk about what happened. In every group of friends, I've noticed there's THAT guy or THAT girl. I can describe his/her personality. They're the quiet one in the group. The friend you hang out with, but never alone. You may want to hang out with him/her, but you're all set.

Why? People fear hanging out with THAT guy messes with the group's dynamic. Think about it. What if you hang out with him/her and then you find out. . .He's a dud, and you knew there was a reason no one hung out with him outside of the group gatherings. The person is generally fine within the group, but their personality never seems to stand out or shine through whatever. 

My friend Josh (I'll call him Josh on here for the sake of privacy) warned me the other night not to hang out with THAT guy. He said people used to in the past, but they stopped. I found this odd and asked why people didn't hang out with him outside of the group.

You ready for it?

Josh said he didn't know why. So, I told Josh that was ridiculous, and I reminded him how he seems alright and that we should include him more. Well, we were going to a nearby boxing place, and I decided asking the seems-alright-but-who-knows guy wouldn't be the best idea. Sure enough, THAT guy showed up with some of our other friends at the boxing place. I took this as a sign.

After about an hour, I called it quits, walked over to THAT guy, and asked him what he's doing later. He said nothing, and I invited him to hang out with Josh and me. My first mistake was telling a fellow C Major that I was excited to get to know him better. Uh, let's just say we've all learned the tell-tale signs of lies, and he picked up on mine instantly.

Despite everything, he showed up--unfortunately Josh did not. There I was, left alone with THAT guy. We went for a run (a few of us are applying for an internship with ICE and we have to pass a tough physical exam. loads of running and stuff) and after the run I sat down beside him and asked him what's up.

Uh, two hours later, I found out there's a reason no one hangs out with THAT guy. He said seven words the entire day, and I know this because I counted. I tried to chalk it up to nervousness, but then his inner jerk emerged. And, man did I not like it. He said something about my friend Kim (again, not her real name either), and I flashed him a smile before telling him his major should've been Sexist Ass rather than Criminology.  

I went home, called up Josh, and told him WHY no one hangs out with him alone.

Turns out, THAT guy doesn't get asked to hang out outside of the group because his inner personality seeps out like poison--an example being jerkness.  So, there you have it. My first experience with THAT guy.

Going to go work on my current WIP. . . You've been warned about THAT guy people. Pass this revelation along!


Fey said...

What were you thinking hanging out with THAT guy? *laughs*

Anonymous said...

i too have had an experienced with that guy, only, he was a utter luny rather than jerk.