Oct 5, 2009

I've been a bad, bad girl.

Okay, so the past week has been hectic! Very, very hectic with all the schoolwork, agent requests, and my grandmother having the flu. therefore, i've been at her place waiting on her hand and foot like the good little granddaughter I am.


On top of that, I'm finally back to work--and making sure there are absolutely NO lemons, oranges, or banana peels near me. Even sunday I had work, so there was no way of going to church this weekend. bummer. now i feel a little off like i might become a delinquent in the next few days. Ha, feel free to ignore my corny joke.

The other day I had a character whispering to me. A real smart-ass, too. So, I've dropped my current WIP and started a Nancy Drew type novel. Can't say too much about it, but I'm slowly falling in love with it. All those murders and stuff I study are getting to me because I feel the need to create a smart-mouthed, troublemaking character solve high school mysteries. I finished the outline and first chapter. Planning out my evidence, criminal slip-ups, interogations, etc. This whole turning what I've learned into a novel is definitely fun!

Hmmm. . .What else shall I talk about?

Oh, how about television since my favorite show is on tonight. Sound good? For those of you who don't know the show GREEK, I suggest you give it a go tonight on ABC family if you are into college shows. You can catch up on it by watching it online.

Besides that show and grey's anatomy, I don't really watch a whole lot of t.v. So, anyone have any suggestions? I'm willing to give some newbies a go.

Also, has anyone watched the news lately? I'm very disturbed by the fact that reporters are saying crimes are out of control. Um, hello? Do they look up statistics? In my college state alone, crimes have dropped 6% from last year. That's A LOT. I've also researched other states with my professor and found he same results: varying between 2% to 7% drops in crime.


Fey said...

I loooove GREEK! Best show ever! That new Vampire Diaries seriously sucks ass. it's so boooring.