Oct 27, 2009


Oh, no.

Today, my fellow writers, I'll be having my wisdom teeth pulled. Yes, I can hear the Jaws theme song playing in the background now. Hopefully, you'll be having a great day, while I search the internet for funny videos and pictures to make me laugh (not literally of course because that would hurt). 

So, stay tuned. I'll be back tomorrow with some writing post or some out there thoughts. Or , maybe, some of the funny pictures/videos I stumble across today.


Lynnette Labelle said...

Oh, noes. I hope it goes well. I had my bottoms ones out when I was a teen and, man, did that hurt. I should get my tops out soon, but have been putting it off because of this. The dentist says the bottoms are usually worse than the tops, but I'm still putting it off... LOL They aren't causing any problems, so why remove them?

Love the chipmunk, btw.

Lynnette Labelle

Ash. Elizabeth said...

Thanks. Hopefully they load me up on Nitrus and I'll have no recollection of the next five hours or so. Hers to hoping :)