Oct 15, 2009


Two posts in one day! Man, I'm on a roll. . .Okay, so I know I talk A LOT about my views on writing, etc. BUT I've noticed I've hardly spent anytime on me, like, what I'm like. Therefore, I'm going to share some news with you.

Today, I had my first ICE Academy training session. Yeah, I'm still in college, but I'm leaning toward a job as a special agent in a certain division of ICE. I'm an investigator, and if I could, I would quit college and become a private investigator, but being talented means you have to have experience and I haven't gotten that yet. Sure, I do articles for the school newsletter, but that isn't enough. I love creative writing, and I especially love the mystery I'm working on now, which I'm happy to say has reached 55,000 words. Go me! 

The other day, however, I was offered the chance to write an article that I REALLY love, but he topic had involved a friend of mine. I turned it down. Maybe I shouldn't have. Maybe it was my only chance to do a front page story, but I just couldn't.

This brings me to my question. What would you do if you had to chose? Have you had a similar experience that you would like to share?


Anonymous said...

One time I had to break the news to two close friends that had been married for 13 years that I had seen their son doing something he shouldn't not a predicament I wanted to be in considering my daughter had been dating their son at the time.

Robyn C. said...

You did the right thing. Don't stress over it. In a couple years there'll be no school newspaper, but you'll still have the friends you've made.

I have nothing to declare but my genius said...

This post tells us a lot about you and allows us to learn about ourselves - I had made a half hearted pact with myself recently that I would do anything to become published and successful, to choose self indulgence over morality, to "suck the marrow from life" but being faced with this question I have come unstuck already.

Thoughtful post, and thanks for the insight - your soul seems as pure as your beauty is breathtaking.